Vein Treatment

Our treatment protocol is based on a variety of anatomical and physiological models. Our belief is that vein therapy should give long lasting solutions to circulation disorders. Below is our protocol in detail.
First Step: Deep Vein Ultrasound

The Deep Vein Ultrasound (DVU) is an initial evaluation of your lower extremities using noninvasive ultrasound. This is to determine if you have vein reflux disease (“Reflux”). Reflux is when the vein or it’s valves do not work properly. When that occurs, blood pools in the lower part of the legs and does not return to the heart as well. This causes swelling, restless legs, discoloration, and varicose veins.

Second Step: Endovascular Catheter Ablation

What? It means that vein is closed within your body using an probe with no surgical stripping, sutures, or scarring. The entire procedure is performed through a single intravenous (IV) site. The basic premise of the procedure is that the probe emits a heat pulse. This heat pulse changes the protein lining the vein. As the catheter is withdrawn, the vein is compressed and the protein acts like glue holding it shut. The leg is put into compression brace the vein together as the protein cools and remains closed. This technology is safe to use any patient.

Third Step: Phlebectomy

Phlebectomy is the removal of medium size veins from the skin surface. This entails small incisions ion the superficial skin layer and the removal of the vein using small, very specific instruments. The visible vein is excised and removed. The incisions are not stitched and therefore scarring is not visible at all.

Fourth Step: Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment of small, visible veins using a solution that causes the vein to remain closed and then disappear. The solution itself is painless when introduced to the vein. The use of sclerotherapy and YAG laser therapy has shown to be effective treatments for these smaller surface veins.

Fifth Step: Nd: YAG (Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) Laser

Nd: YAG Laser Treatment (YLT) is a proven treatment for superficial veins, the treatments emit a laser pulse, which causes the veins to disappear, much like sclerotherapy. The difference in the treatments is the YLT can remove veins in a noninvasive manner and can also treat much smaller veins that would be very difficult to access with scleotherapy.
Once you have completed the above five options (if needed), we hope that you are satisfied with the results. It is Las Vegas Vein’s policy that our service is not finished until the patient is completely satisfied with their care. Subsequent appointments are to determine the success of our treatment as well as your satisfaction.

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